App Academy

Oh my goodness! How exciting!

Hey y’all! I’m Kaypee! I survived Florida and moved out to Denver! Do any Florida transplants out there miss Pub Subs?? I decided to start coding with App Academy Open because I have a decent knowledge of some languages but I’d love to know more. I’m two people in one body, honestly. Creative and logical. Cute and dark. Extroverted and introverted. Head in the clouds and feet on the ground.

I can’t wait to put my dual nature into software engineering. I hope y’all are excited as I am to have a resource like this! Who out there is happy to have an opportunity to learn from App Academy Open?


Hi, congrats.

Just wondering what you (or anyone else) thinks of the free Open course so far? I’ve started it and the coding sections seem well done. To me the drawback would be no job placement help and no assistance or support with doing a Full Stack Project.

Anyone else have input on doing the free course vs paying for a bootcamp?

Yes, I am another old C programmer learning again, woo hoo, glad this place, I am low on funds now, so the open platform made a lot of sense to me.

Hello Kristen, yes it is so exciting for me too.