Nil returns in pry

So this probably has an embarrassingly simple answer, but I’ve already wasted a bit of time trying to figure it out so I figured I would just ask:

I’m going back through and doing all of the exercises again, and wanted to test them using pry and byebug this time instead of running the specs. I can load ‘control_flow.rb’ into pry, but then even though my destructive_uppercase method works in, pry returns nil. I ran the spec, and that returned nil as well. If I pass pry ‘destructive_uppercase’ without an argument, I do get an argument error, so I feel like I have navigated to the proper file in the proper directory, I just don’t know why it is returning nil.

To test it in pry, assign the string you want to test to a variable and then call destructive_uppercase on it. Then type the name of the variable again and see if the string has changed. If it has, then your method does what it does.

So yeah, I just had two identically named files in two separate places, and I was testing an empty one. Doh.