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New to html and css and only had 3 days to prepare for assessment due tomorrow

just wanted to know if there is anyone i can skype or talk to in order to help not with the answers but just maybe help me understand the concepts a little more

Hi James, welcome to the community!

You’re in luck! There is a HTML/CSS live lecture in about an hour. You can see the details here. I also bumped that post to the top of the feed.


hey i have a question about the assessment for html and css when it comes to the second part of creating a picture card am i to create it on the same html as the first part or do i need to create a whole new html or css file?

Great question! You will want to add the html for the picture card directly below your form, in the index.html file. The css will go in the site.css.

Were you able to join the live lecture yesterday?

sorry i been practicing and studying so im a little late on the response but i did end up passing i appreciate your help so much

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