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New student/prospective student

I am from the Southeastern area of the USA. I have and continue to be in the financial services industry but have always been interested in learning to code. So, maybe this will prove to be a valuable tool to get me started in learning this exciting field and the endless opportunities that will present themselves in the future. Any advice pertaining to this learning platform is welcomed.

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Hi Wes,

Welcome to App Academy! Take advantage of all the resources on this website. If you just started, make sure to check out for a free introduction to Ruby and next steps to joining App Academy as a student. If you want more in person for the Ruby part, I suggest joining one of the JumpStart classes that App Academy offer. There will be TAs there to guide and help you along the way. Mind if I mention that the JumpStart classes are free!
If you have already passed the screening and are an incoming student, you can ask questions here about any of the pre-bootcamp course work, or Alpha Course as we call it. Someone will usually get back to you in a day or so. If you have any questions, feel free to ask them!

Michael Ruan
Alpha Course TA

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thanks so I am learning Ruby now… :slight_smile:

Wish list, to see who posted in the topic list here, thanks

Do the screenings entail Ruby or all of the free courses?

Hello there, I’m in the 2-week course at the moment. My name is Melanie and I hail from the middle TN area, although I was born and raised in SW MI.
I’m about 80 miles from Nashville, in a rural area that I’m sure no one has heard of…McMinnville or Rock Island? Anyone? :grin:

In my previous career, I worked as an OB RN; Helping mother’s labor and deliver newborns. I also worked in the nursery and Peds. I have a lot of medical experience from before ever becoming an RN as well. I was one of two students in the Program who were picked to work as student nurses at a large, city hospital. I worked as a float, which meant I was assigned to whichever floor needed me that shift.

After suffering a rare-but-deadly side-effect of a common medication several years ago, I was rushed to a hospital, and subsequently airlifted to a much larger facility that could handle my type of trauma. The last thing I remember was the helicopter taking off and a strong sense of peace. The intense agony I was suffering just went away.

I was later told that I coded in the helicopter, twice. It was basically an exploded tumor within my liver. I went into profound, hypovolemic shock from internal hemorrhage and stayed in an induced coma for nearly 3 weeks. Most people to whom this happens do not survive, so I am keenly aware of how lucky I am to be here.

I never went back to Nursing after that. I had a lengthy recovery and, to be honest, I never loved it like I should have. Nurses are the main resource at any given medical facility and it’s a very tough job. It’ll drain the soul and life energy right out of you.

I realized how much I love computers and internet several years ago too. I would always find and open the developers kits, just to look at them and play around a bit, lol. I had no idea what I was doing, but I sure wished I did.

Making it to App Academy would be AMAZING. Period. The opportunities and knowledge to gain are incredible. I had no idea this career was in such demand, nor did I know how lucrative it is! Feeling a whole lot of gratitude :infinity::pray::hibiscus::fire::purple_heart:

I too was permanently damaged by one pill of Effexor, a bit better off than you sound, sorry for your troubles, good luck on this site, yes it is Amazing!

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Oh wow, yes I’ve read statistics that say over 100K people per year die from medication side effects…all FDA approved medication. It’s really sad and also angers me as well because of FDA propaganda campaigns against benign and beneficial plants that are helping so many people. ie: Kratom.

I advocate for further lab testing and maybe an 18+ age restriction. The FDA agenda gets really obvious when you see the lies they spread. All in the name of money and greed. Of course, they are heavily funded by BigPharma…:rage:

Plants used by an indigenous culture for many years cannot be patented, so something as beneficial and versatile as kratom scares them…they don’t want us finding out that nature usually has something for what ails us. They get more profits when people stay sick, so it’s profits over people…