My goodness, where to start..?

Literally, I’m having a very tough time finding the starting line… I followed the instructions in linking up Cloud9 with GitHub, setup the environment as instructed, but I am now camel-less in the Sahara and have absolutely no point of reference to the next step.

I open up Cloud9 and I see all the files neatly organized in the left panel. Cool. Did the reading. Cool. I click on the problems, and they’re empty, but everyone’s helpfulness on Slack taught me that the instructions are in the spec folder. Cool. So, I can finally start solving some of the exercises… I type in my code in the empty rb files in the lib folder, come to click Run at the top and it takes me to some website that says Nope, essentially (no application appears to be running here!). Not cool.

Not sure if this is related to me skipping the installation of RSpec week 1, day 1’s material. I tried typing in those two commands in c9’s bash terminal (gem install bundler & bundle install) and the first line said “1 gem installed” but the second line yielded, “Could not locate Gemfile.”

Also, it might be worth noting that my only experience in running code thus far has been through, where you just type then click run; so, this might be a very basic hurdle that just looks like the Great Wall to me.

Anywho, hope someone can point me in the right direction so I can start solving some problems and see all your amazing faces in July (SF)!

Hey, are you working your way through the Alpha course via ? Most of your questions are covered in the ‘A Ruby Project’ section. Basically the way you run your code is through Terminal. You can do this through Cloud 9 by opening a new terminal and entering the code bundle exec rspec
This will run all the code in your spec file. if you’d like to run a specific spec just spec/ and then the name of the file without the space. It would look something like: bundle exec rspec spec/05_my_hash_set_spec.rb
Let me know if that helps.

Hey Corey, thanks for the thorough reply! I haven’t received a single mention of the Alpha course from any of a/A’s correspondences/instructions but I did see it mentioned a few times in the Slack General channel. I just tried to sign up for an account and it said: App academy application not found. I just emailed

So I successfully opened a new terminal, and looking at the week 1, day 1 stuff, I typed in the terminal bundle exec rspec spec/00_hello_spec.rb and I got the error message Could not locate Gemfile or .bundle/ directory. I then tried bundle exec rspec and got the same message. Also, side question, should I be filling in my code in the rb files in the lib folder or in the spec folder?

Sorry for the mess and thanks for the help!

edit: added screenshot

Hey @kreamy, I’m surprised to hear that you weren’t instructed to take the Alpha course; have you been accepted into the program yet? I was only instructed to take the Alpha course after I was accepted. During Alpha the work is done through Atom and your computers Terminal. Before I was accepted to a/A I did all my work on Cloud9 as well. Interestingly much of Alpha was covered in the Cloud9 prepwork. Great picture, I had this prep work before (and again in Alpha).
You’re filling it in correctly. You write your program in the lib folders in order to run the specs.
I think the reason this isn’t working for you is because it’s not finding the files. From the picture it looks like your path to the folder is a lot longer. You have to move into the exercise folder. If you’d like to skype I think we can figure this out together. It’s worth a shot. My skype name is corey ladovsky.

it might be easiest to right click on the exercise folder. Then do open terminal here. Then try the bundle exec rspec spec/00_hello_spec.rb again.

Hmm, that’s interesting… I received the “conditionally accepted” email on 5/30/17, did all the Docusign and deposit business, then got an email that lead me to the 4 week Prep Course ( Unless I blatantly missed it somewhere along the way, I don’t recall seeing a single mention of the Alpha course. Also, interestingly I didn’t do a single thing with Cloud9 until this prep work - I’ve been using for everything. Unless Alpha comes after this prep work and you’re just a step ahead…?

Also, I followed your instructions on creating a new terminal from the exercise folder and eureka! I was finally able to run both gem install bundler AND bundle install; after that, the bundle exec rspec commands worked! Finally gonna start making my way through the prep work :smiley: … Is it cool if I still reach out to you on Skype? Maybe even for some paired programming practice.

Thanks for your help Corey!

Hey, that’s terrific! I’m so happy that you were able to get it running. I may be one step ahead, but I’ve also heard that everyones admission pathway is different. I had to take a total of 3 coding challenges and do the cloud9 prepwork before I was accepted. Then I was told to do that alpha course. 85% of the alpha course is stuff you’re probably already having to do with this. It’s also still in it’s Beta stages. My cohort isn’t until Sept and it will be in NY. Yours?

Yeah it’s totally cool to still reach out on Skype. I’d be happy to help study, pair programming, whatever. Have fun working on those specs :slight_smile:

Oh whoa… Ya, my path was two technical interviews, one non-technical interview, “conditionally accepted”, then one or more interviews after the prep work is completed. If accepted, I’d be in the SF in July cohort.

And cool, I’ll probably be reaching out on Skype soon!

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Very cool, good luck. I forgot, I also had a technical and non tech interview. Thanks for the reminder.