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Modified HTML in Git

Hi guys!
I have done the assessment a few times and I get the same issue. After changing the img tags in HTML it says that it has been modified but not staged for commit.
Should I go ahead and stage it even though it does not explicitly say that in the instructions, or am I doing something wrong in an earlier step to get this message when I check status?
HTML Commit
Any guidance would be awesome, everything else seems to be alright, it’s just this that I’m concerned about before submitting.
Thanks in advance!

Are you getting this message after a git commit command?

It looks like you may be using a git commit command before a git add, so you are making a commit without staging any changes before hand.

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Thank you for the help @jbyers! After reading your reply and starting the project from the beginning I realized that this was the issue all along! I wasn’t staging properly.