Mistake in application coding test prep materials

There is a mistake on one of the examples in the online application coding test prep materials as seen toward the bottom of the examples at this link:


The example claims that the code:

`# Add an element to the end of an array
puts(some_primes == [2, 3, 5, 7, 11]) # prints true

Get the length of an array

puts(some_primes.length == 4) # prints true`

will print true. However, as it shows in the puts method above, some_primes is an array that has 5 objects in it, and thus puts(some_primes.length == 4) would return ‘false’ not ‘true’. I have tested this out by pasting the sourcecode directly into repl.it and confirmed that it is a mistake. I think this will be misleading to people, especially since it is in the review section.