Missing "person-avatar.jpg"

missing the “person-avatar. jpg” in the “html-css-assessment” folder for MacOS. It never downloaded when I downloaded the assessment. What should I do? Thanks!

Do you have an images folder within the html-css-assessment folder? It should be in there. If not, I would recommend downloading the assessment a second time.

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Yes I do have an images folder, but it only contains the desert image. I’ve tried downloading it again, but it’s still missing. I’ve just pulled a similar type of image off of the internet and have just added it to the images folder; naming it “person-avatar.jpg”. Do you think the assessment will just treat it as such? Thank you for your help!

I double checked with engineering, and there is not a problem with the assessment download. My advice would be to delete any old versions you have of the zipped or unzipped assessment file and try downloading one more time. Just keep a copy of any code in progress!

It worked! I originally downloaded the assessment a couple of weeks ago and then immediately tried to redownload it when I realized the image was missing, which came up empty. I was reluctant to try and download it again after completing most of the assessment, I was afraid I’d lose my work. Thankfully it all went smoothly. Thank you for the help, much appreciated!