Methods.rb issue with last problem instructions

" # Write a method that returns the integer remainder of its two arguments.

(i.e., what using the modulo operator would return).

You may not use the modulo operator.

Assume the arguments are integers.

HINT: Use dec_remainder_of_two_integers as a helper method"

It says to not use modulo , and then it says to use the previous function- with which I solved by using modulo .
def dec_remainder_of_two_integers(i_dividend, i_divisor)
so does this not count as using modulo ? And if so what is this teaching me?

Mis understood the question- disregard I have figured it out/
I didn’t realize I was returning the remaining value for which I could easily find it with a solution like
" (dec_remainder_of_two_integers(i_dividend,i_divisor)* i_divisor).round"