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Merge conflicts with git

When I try to merge a conflict occurs. I then go to visual studio and try to make the tags look just like it should in the example. However, when I go back to ubuntu and try to merge again it will not let me. I then try to insert git add . and checkout to the master branch but I am getting an error. When I get to the conflicts how am I supposed to resolve them? Should I make the tags in visual code look like this before I merge all the branches?

they were not originally in that order; I had to alter them to look like how the assessment states that it should. I am wondering if I should go into visual code and make the tags looks like that before i even merge the drawings and pictures branch into the together branch. I am also wondering if I should save it the site.html before I merge or after

From your last post, it looks like you figured this out…but let us know if anything else comes up!