Mastermind specs

I just read the specs for mastermind and noticed a lot of the tests are based on the “suggestions” aspect in the instructions. Does this mean the suggestions are actually the mandatory way to do it? I was hoping they were simply ideas for how to start if you were unsure, but that you could program mastermind any way you wanted to try. If I have mastermind working but the specs fail because I did it my own way, do I need to redo it so the specs pass before submitting?


Hi Raynor,

It’s great that you got it to work your way. However, you should refactor it to get the specs to pass. This is both a good exercise, and it’s good preparation for the workflow in the program.

Let me know if you have any questions about refactoring it!



Nah, I got it going with the specs, thanks though! I’m currently on battleship actually and have a question. When we’re submitting our alpha work, are we to submit multiple versions of assignments which have a “basic” and “bonus” way to implement it, like battleship does? Or is the bonus section not submitted/is it just for us to attempt to implement?


You should submit at least the basic version. If you’re going to work on the bonus material (and I suggest you do!), you should copy over your work and make a separate version. This isn’t required for submission, but feel free to include it!