Mastermind project

def num_exact_matches (guess_code)
    num_of_exact = 0
    guess_code.each_with_index  { |char, index| num_of_exact += 1 if char.upcase == @pegs[index] }

when I wrote this code, this error happens

undefined method “each_with_index” for #<Code:0x00007fffb8982668 @pegs=[“R”, “Y”, “Y”, “B”]>

It would depend on what you’re passing into the num_exact_matches method.

Your error is basically telling you, "whatever you put in the guess_code variable does not have a method called each_with_index

I don’t know the master mind project, unfortunately, but it appears that you probably want to pass the pegs into the method? Either that, or the num_exact_matches is intended to grab the pegs out of the guess_code

Hope that helps!