Looking To Roommate SF-Oct 22 Cohort

I’m Steven Inouye from Hawaii. I will be moving to San Francisco Oct 19 for the Oct 22 cohort. I heard it is best to live with a classmate or a graduate while going through the 3 month program. I was wondering if anyone is interested or have space available.

To everyone else, I hope you’re doing well and best wishes to you all.


Hey Steven,

I’m also Steven and I just got accepted into the Oct 22 cohort for SF. I also heard it’s best to live with a classmate during the program and was wondering if you’ve found a place yet or if you’d like to find one together. Let me know if you’re still interested!


Aiya! I signed a lease a few days ago. I did do a lot of research on finding housing though. No offense, but not having a job, not being a woman, and not being there is going to be tough. I’m going to be living at Pyramid Residences. Has great Google and Yelp reviews, 5 blocks to campus, and I get a private room.

Let me know on Slack if you need any advice. Super easy to find me at Steve

Hey, I was just thinking that it is possible I might be able to find a place for 2 with my agent that was helping me and she could transfer my lease to a larger place. Also a very slim chance I might be able to get out of my lease if I find a suitable replacement. Let me know your thoughts on Slack

Hey Steven,

The only Steve I found on slack was Steven Duong. Is that you?

are you on the CoHort Slack? What is your username? I can try to find you

This is the CoHort’s channel, I don’t see you on there


Did you get the email sent this past Thursday by Vanessa? if you didn’t, send me your email and I’ll send it to you. It gives you directions on how to get added to all of our CoHort’s chatgroups, google drive, and GitHub that you will need