Logical order to modules?


I was wondering if there is a logical order to the alpha site - I’m currently doing them in order; however, it seems some exercises in the rspec module ask for use of Classes or OOP which are covered near the end/bottom.

Thank you,

Hi Mike, I think I have a good answer for you.

Your observations are correct. The rspec files (after Rspec 1) require knowledge beyond what the application process required us to know. I am completing the modules in order and then going back to RSPEC files as I gain the information required to solve them.

RSPEC 1 can be solved with the skills we needed to know to get accepted in A/a. At this current moment, I’m studying the bloc/iteration module, and as I see it right now, may give me the information to complete RSPEC #2, but if not i’ll just keep going until I know enough. I’m guessing the remaining RSPECs will follow similar pattern. Let me know if you discover a better approach!