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**Live Online Lectures and Q&A**

I know there are a lot of you out there working on your HTML/CSS, Git, and Boolean Algebra learning challenges this week! If you haven’t already, grab your calendar and make a plan to attend a live lecture for each topic.

8:30am Pacific Time/11:30am Eastern Time

11:30am Pacific Time/2:30pm Eastern Time


^^ Just bumping this up in the feed. Friday’s lectures focus on Boolean Algebra - please join one if you haven’t already!

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^^ Check out the schedule above and plan to attend a live lecture next week on HTML/CSS, Git, or Boolean Algebra.

You’ll get to meet one of our awesome App Academy instructors, go over some of the basics that you will need for passing your assessments, and have a chance to ask questions!

These lectures happen every week on the same schedule.

^^Bumping this to the top of the feed! Live lecture on HTML today, and Boolean algebra lectures on Friday!

:spiral_calendar:Friday is a great time to plan ahead for next week!:spiral_calendar:

If you’re currently working on your learning challenges, make sure you check out our weekly live lectures on HTML/CSS, Git, and Boolean Algebra.

Links above in the original post.

Also, a quick reminder that the forum is generally not moderated by staff over the weekend, so be sure to help each other out, and remember to search for similar questions if you get stuck over the weekend!

Happy coding!

Hey Prep Workers -
Don’t forget that there are live lectures on Git, HTML/CSS, and Boolean Algebra every week! Check out the schedule and invite links at the top of this thread.