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Linux Dual Boot or Windows Subsystem for Linux

I currently have a dual boot setup on my computer, with Windows on one hard drive, and Linux Ubuntu on my second. I have Visual Studio Code and git already set up on my Ubuntu distribution and linked with my github account. However, I notice the Learning Challenges “Get to Know Your Computer” section has some quizzes at the end regarding the command line and shell (which should be the same commands in WSL vs an Ubuntu dual boot).

Is it absolutely necessary to use WSL since that’s what the lessons follow? Or can I continue using my Linux dual boot since it’s all been set up already?

Hi Jason,
This is a really great question. I checked in with our head of curriculum to make sure I’m giving you good advice not just for the prepwork, but for the entire course.

It’s completely up to you to use one or the other, as long as you feel familiar and comfortable with both.

However: All of the directions for lessons, projects, etc throughout the course are written with the assumption that you are using WSL. If you are using Linux, you’ll have to figure out your own environment setups and do your own environment troubleshooting.

So, if you’re really experienced with Linux it should be okay, but if not I would recommend starting to use WSL now for the prepwork so you can follow the directions throughout the curriculum and not have to worry about your environment so much.

Let us know if any other questions come up!

Thanks for the guidance! I’ve now switched to WSL =)

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Awesome! I think that’s a great choice!