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Link to join Slack community isn't working?

Hi Folks!

I’m new to App Academy open and tried to check out the Slack channel, but the link took me to slack saying this:

This invite link is no longer active.

If you have an email address, you can still create an account.

If not, please check with the person who shared the invite link with you to ask for an invitation.

Any ideas? I don’t have an appacademy email address.


Yup I noticed the same thing when I started a/A Open about a month ago. Hopefully someone fixes it.

Is Slack support available for the free track?

I think this might be the reason for the “error” (probably user error lol). I’m guessing accounts that aren’t free probably log into slack via the link just fine.

Oh, well that’s understandable. Do you know if there is a training/tool kit consisting of written materials to go along with the video lectures?

I think it is included in Free. If you look at the details, it says access to the Community Chat

If doing the mentorship plan, then you are added to the private mentor Slack channel, based on my understanding

Also having the same issue, cant access the slack chat

Hi everybody!

Indeed Slack is included in the App Academy Open. I was having the same problem like you all, then I sent a form request to:
Finally I got a Slack invitation and joined.

Please let me know if you have any doubt.