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Linh (looking for roommates) - Jan. 7th SF

Hey guys! My name is Linh and I’m looking to move to SF from Arizona if I get accepted into App Academy. I will be taking my technical interview soon. If I were to move to SF, I will be looking for roommates for 3-4 months! Please let me know if anyone is interested. Would love to get to know you guys! Add me on Instagram at if you would like as well!

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Hi there :slight_smile: My name is Corrie and I just got accepted into the Jan 7th cohort as well and I am also looking for roommates! Did you end up getting accepted? I’ll add you on insta as well.

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Awesome! My names is Aram, I am doing the Jan cohort too. Super excited.

Hi folks,

I’m starting in the January 2019 Cohort too, look forward to meeting you.

I am still looking for housing, if you are also looking and would like to share a house, splitting the rent, please let me know and we can work on the problem together :slight_smile:


hey Ahmed, I am looking for a place too. Here is my insta

Very cool. I’m “i” (just the single vowel). Glad you guys are bonding together. I really hope you guys will be able to find accommodations and get along. I’m starting week 6 and live by myself 10 min walk away. Wish you guys the best of luck. Feel free to message me on Slack with any questions. (Get onto Slack as soon as you can. You already have classmates online).

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