Lasting CSS issues!

Hello there! Hope everyone is quite cozy!

I have 2 questions:

1: Can anyone help me with my card element placement? I have been messing with both the padding and margins for about 2 hours, they will not move! I have played around with some of the parent specifications to no avail. Every time I try to add padding to the bottom of my body or title, nothing moves. But if I add padding to the top, it moves! So I cannot get the text into the card, it’s just hanging below. So frustrating.

2: My screens react well to when I change my browser size, without any kind of media query. Are they completely necessary? If it works without that do I need to add them any way?

Extra: My HTML should be fine, but I’ve been really struggling with the CSS. Please let me know if you see anything fishy in mine! Thank you!!

Screen Shot 2020-12-29 at 6.37.17 PM|320x500

3rd Question: Do we have to absolutely use Grid? It says we have to use Grid, but so many people who have posted on here are using Flex! I definitely do better with Flex

Good morning, and happy New Year’s Eve!

Although you have a number of questions, it looks like you are pretty close to being ready to submit. I’ll try to answer those questions one by one below:

  1. I think your padding issue might just be caused by a missing closing </div> tag within your picture card. Look through and make sure you have closed each div, and then let us know if the behavior changes at all. Once you fix that, you should see the secondary text within the card where you want it.

  2. It is totally fine to control the form width without a media screen query, as long as the behavior matches the specification.

  3. As for the grid question: Try to aim for using grid, since it is in the specification. However, the autograder will be OK with a flex solution, as long as all of the other specifications are still being met.

Let us know how it goes!