Kmap Grouping when 1's are not lining up

Learning Challenge

Project 1


I understand that wrapping can be done to group terms from top and bottom, or right and left sides, I also understand that you may reorder columns and rows (while keeping the values inside them in same order), and values cannot be grouped diagonally. So I am wondering how to move or group these 1’s that are surrounded by 0’s and is diagonal from the closest 1. For the f(x, yz) problem i could move the row up but then the one is still by itself. Maybe there is a simple fix that I’m missing.

What I’ve tried

I can move the column or row around but it doesn’t help to correct the diagonal line up of the 1’s unless I were to move the 1 into a different square within the same column or row


I see now that we can group single terms too? Thought it was powers of 2 starting at two values

Now i’m on project 2 and when i was checking my work against the Problem 4 solution I see they have 3 groups listed as Group 1, group 3, and group 4. Is this a typo or is there a rule that made them skip listing group 2 as group 2?

Also in general why are min terms in a row listed as m0, m1, m3, m2
and next row m4, m5, m7, m6

i’m guessing these two are related, just curious why the 3rd column numbering seems to be reversed with 4th column

It can definitely be confusing in the beginning. It’s not a typo it basically has to do with the fact that you have to have adjacent terms only have 1 different binary digit so the kmap is organized that way even though the minterms are ordered differently.

With regard to why problem 4 has only 3 groups and skips group 2 I think it’s just a clerical mistake

This lecture is really good for explaining this stuff and more:

Thanks yes things are making more sense