Kmap Grouping; Boolean algebra and digital logic project 1

Boolean Algebra and digital logic project 1

Problem 4
Attached I have the groupings I found in orange, which match the solution guide, and another photo where I have 3 more groupings. The solution guide shows the group in lavender but not yellow or blue. How do I know that the yellow and blue are not needed? Are there ways to check groupings to know if I’m missing any, if any are repetitive, or not needed?

When I’m grouping, is there a correct order? For example, problem 4’s solution uses group 1-4 and lists their reduced expressions in order. When I did the problem, I mixed up the order.


I was just wondering if you had ever found an answer to this? I’m on the same problem set and am a bit confused on why some groups are included and others aren’t when it seems like they follow all the rules provided.


Hi there. There are lots of different ways to do the groupings, as long as you stay within the basic rules. This instructor in this video does a really nice job of answering a similar question asked by a student, with nice visuals:
Check out the bookmarks from about the 20 minute point onwards.

Hi, Jesse.

I’m actually in the august cohort of App Academy, but thanks for replying to the question, from when I was applying. A user named Rhadiak messaged me yesterday asking about this same question I posted, so maybe send the same link to them.

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Would you mind re-posting the video link, it says its unavailable when I click on it? I would like to learn more about grouping

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I believe this is the video you are looking for:

Boolean Algebra & Digital Logic Lecture Recording

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