Issue with Linter

So at first when I was trying to set up my developer environment I received this error

“[Linter] Error running RuboCop Error: Failed to spawn command rubocop. Make sure rubocop is installed and on your PATH”

I tried reinstalling the atom packages and then also reinstalling Xcode and now I’m still getting an error anytime I try to do something in Atom (strangely only for ruby files though).

“[Linter] Error running RuboCop Error: /Users/matthewszekalski/.rubocop.yml: Style/AccessorMethodName has the wrong namespace - should be Naming”

It doesn’t seem to effect much. I just get an annoying pop up as I try and code. Any ideas?

It seems like you may have had two different versions of Rubocop installed on your machine at some point - the current version is disagreeing with something in your config file (rubocop.yml). Rather than troubleshooting this at this point, I would recommend disabling Rubocop in your Atom packages. You don’t necessarily need a linter at this stage of learning, and we can always troubleshoot this more effectively when you bring your machine into class.

Let us know if you continue to have issues!