Issue with GIT assessment

For some reason, the command for changing directories to the user directory is not working. I believe I’ve read over all the instructions and believe I’ve done everything correctly, however I cannot switch directories in my Ubuntu shell to the directory I’m supposed to work in. I believe I can finish the assessment rather quickly once this is done. Please let me know if people have had this issue before and how I can fix it.

To elaborate, when I switch to just the “/mnt/c/users” directory, I can see the user but it’s outlined in green and I’m unable to access it.

Furthurmore, it says “permissions denied” when I try to go through several steps to make sure the directory is there. Sorry for so many comments, but I’m trying to give as much context as I can.

Hi Chuks,
Unfortunately I don’t have direct experience working with Ubuntu, but if you search the forum I think you’ll be able to find past posts that address similar issues.

For example - here is one related to user permissions: Ubuntu Terminal not displaying current directories and Permissions Access Issue

Are there any other Ubuntu users out there who ran into a similar issue?

FYI, my directory was a completely different directory than the what was in the example in the instructions since I have my drives set up differently, so I don’t believe it’s 100% necessary to work out of /mnt/c/user/ , that’s just typically the default.

First thing to try is running powershell “as administrator”. That should allow you to access it thru ubuntu. If that alone doesn’t do it, you can check to see what Ubuntu has set as your default folder by typing:

cd ~
That should display the home directory Ubuntu is set to, and if you can find that directory via windows, you should be able to place the files into that folder and work out of that. Hopefully that helps
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