Issue submitting projects on Software Engineering Foundation Course

Hi All,

I’m having an issue submitting projects to the recently updated Software Engineering Foundations Course.
When I try to upload a zip file the site gets stuck as shown below.

I’ve tried clearing cache, different computers and browsers but I’m unable to submit. No error messages.

The site went down last Thursday for an update I believe. Prior to that I was able to upload projects.

Anyone with similar issue, or know how to resolve this?


It happens on Alpha Curriculum, too. Staff is aware.

Is there any update to this? Everything was going smoothly for me up until I reached “Input/Output” and the site stopped accepting my finished projects. I’ve continued on, but I’d like to be able to go back and upload my projects so it shows accurate completions.

Let me know if anyone is still having issues uploading projects. Find me on the App Academy Open Slack and I’ll try to help you get it resolved as soon as possible. Thanks!