Is there a correct way to follow AAO?

Hey everyone!

I’ve been through quite a few resources including TOP, edX and others. I started AAO last week and have found a love for Ruby and the way it’s tought here!

I started, in order, and am on the last-two topics in “Intro to Programming”. I started looking ahead during a break and noticed “Full Stack Online - Intro to Programming” is almost identical bar the final few topics.

I’d love any insight into how to follow this course efficiently. My goal being full-stack web developer (I know the title is being spread pretty thin now days)

Below is a picture of what my learning options are. Appreciate any insight!

ETA: I did a brief check of the forums and see someone asked the question in May. They ran into a problem once encountering “RSpec” (?). Hopefully this isn’t a repeatedly asked question.

ALSO, if the cirriculum is set up poorly and someone with experience has advice on how to follow it better, that’s also something I’d love to hear from you!

Hi MC-Raw!
I have the same experience as you. I also learn the begin in TOP and then this week I change into AA. And I may still learn some in TOP and Edx but focus most of my time in AA. I also want to become a self-taught full-stack developer.
After I learn in the AA, I found you just start from “Intro to Programming”. “Full Stack Online - Intro to Programming” is almost the same.The difference between them is only a little order difference. And the “Intro to Programming” will tell you which are the Lectures and Excises.
Therefore, I think just begin in the “Intro to Programming”. When you finish the “Intro to Programming” you can check in “Full Stack Online - Intro to Programming” to see whether you miss something or not. Good luck for you!

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