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Introduce Yourself

Hello there, I’m in the 2-week course at the moment. My name is Melanie and I hail from the middle TN area, although I was born and raised in SW MI.
I’m about 80 miles from Nashville, in a rural area that I’m sure no one has heard of…McMinnville or Rock Island? Anyone? :grin:

In my previous career, I worked as an OB RN; Helping mother’s labor and deliver newborns. I also worked in the nursery and Peds. I have a lot of medical experience from before ever becoming an RN as well. I was one of two students in the Program who were picked to work as student nurses at a large, city hospital. I worked as a float, which meant I was assigned to whichever floor needed me that shift.

After suffering a rare-but-deadly side-effect of a common medication several years ago, I was rushed to a hospital, and subsequently airlifted to a much larger facility that could handle my type of trauma. The last thing I remember was the helicopter taking off and a strong sense of peace. The intense agony I was suffering just went away.

I was later told that I coded in the helicopter, twice. It was basically an exploded tumor within my liver. I went into profound, hypovolemic shock from internal hemorrhage and stayed in an induced coma for nearly 3 weeks. Most people to whom this happens do not survive, so I am keenly aware of how lucky I am to be here.

I never went back to Nursing after that. I had a lengthy recovery and, to be honest, I never loved it like I should have. Nurses are the main resource at any given medical facility and it’s a very tough job. It’ll drain the soul and life energy right out of you.

I realized how much I love computers and internet several years ago too. I would always find and open the developers kits, just to look at them and play around a bit, lol. I had no idea what I was doing, but I sure wished I did.

Making it to App Academy would be AMAZING . Period. The opportunities and knowledge to gain are incredible. I had no idea this career was in such demand, nor did I know how lucrative it is! Feeling a whole lot of gratitude :infinity::pray::hibiscus::fire::purple_heart: