Installing dotfiles on Linux Machine


I finish through the Alpha Curriculum material on windows and went back to setup my machine in Linux but having some issues with the dotfiles.

I am able to clone the repo and /install_requirements but when i run /install_dotfiles, I get the following error

aluo@aluo-UX330UAK:~$ ~/.dotfiles/bin/install_dotfiles
/home/aluo/.dotfiles/bin/install_dotfiles: line 3: rbenv: command not found
/home/aluo/.dotfiles/bin/install_dotfiles: line 4: : command not found

Any help on how to proceed past this? Thank you.

I’ve not set things up via the dotfiles, but am going to try to manage the resources myself via my ditro’s package manager. So, grains of salt and all. That said:

What distro are you using? If debian based (Ubuntu is debian based), there is a rbenv package in the repositories. Try installing that via your preferred method. If you don’t have one, run

apt-get install rbenv

in the terminal. You will either have to run that command as the root user or prefix the command with ‘sudo’ and thus be running

sudo apt-get install rbenv

Once that is installed, try the dotfile process again. It should get past the point where it fell over previously.

Does that help some?



Thanks! I was able to install rbenv but having some other issues now. Will look into it some more