Installed Atom but when installing requirements said Atom not installed

When trying to install the Atom packages it said Atom was not installed even though I downloaded Atom and it is in my Application folder. It says “Cannot install Atom packages. Atom not installed.”

Anyone had this and was able to resolve? I looked at the earlier threads about this but was unable to troubeshoot

not sure if this is realted but trying to do the first Methods project, I’m getting this error in terminal when trying to do the “bundle install” for running the tests. Terminal says “bundle: command not found” - in general I’m having a lot of issues getting the setup done and it’s delaying being able to actually do the alpha course, would it be possible to just jump on a hangout troubleshooting session? I also live near a/A so even could just pop by if possible?

Hey Ben,

Were you able to resolve your setup issues? The most common issue I have seen involves the .bashrc and .bash_profile files. Check out that thread if you have not already, otherwise feel free to stop by! You can ask for me from engineering and we will get you all setup, sorry this is impeding your progress.


Hey Kevin, tbh I’m not sure if it was resolved, but I am set up and was able to successfully use Atom and run the tests from Terminal for the first problem set, thanks!

Sounds good Ben! We can resolve anything else on day 1. Practice hard, happy coding!