Important Environment Setup Question (please respond)

Hello Everyone,

Last December, I took App Academy’s 2-day “Intro to Coding Workshop”. The instructors there installed Atom and other software on my Mac computer–but I am not sure what they exactly did or what kinds of software they included.

Now, I recently begun the Alpha Course, where I’m instructed to install Atom and other software to set up the development environment.

My question: Is the development environment the coding workshop instructors set up the same as mentioned in the Alpha Course?

Currently, I am not sure how to proceed: I am weary of (re-)installing if the instructors had indeed set up my computer’s dev. environment in the same way as the Alpha Course mentions.

I think the coding workshop instructors had set up my computer, but I am not sure what they did or what they installed. In other words, I do not know if there is any software that may be missing. If there is any missing software, how do determine which ones?

Also, is any of the software they installed during the workshop in need of updating since it was done 6 months ago? If so, how does one determine that?

Here are the links to the Coding Workshop installation instructions mentioned in GitHub that those instructors used:

You’re help is appreciated!



Just follow the instructions. All the installers will be smart enough to either detect that it’s already installed and skip or detect that there’s an older version installed and update it.

However, I looked back through the “Setting up a Development Environment” instructions and I found a few commands that will cause redundancies. If you run these commands it’s not a big deal but try to remember to skip these when you reach them.

Don’t run these:

# add to the PATH (rbenv commands are now available from terminal)
# .bashrc is the file that contains all of our terminal settings
echo 'export PATH="$HOME/.rbenv/bin:$PATH"' >> ~/.bashrc

# initialize rbenv everytime you open a new console window 
echo 'eval "$(rbenv init -)"' >> ~/.bashrc

Or this:

# source .bashrc from .bash_profile (necessary on some machines)
echo 'source ~/.bashrc' >> ~/.bash_profile
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Hey, thanks for your advice. All software was already installed, which the terminal detected.
And you were right about the redundancies.

I’m now learning the Terminal commands… thanks for helping me move forward to the next part of the course.

BTW, the installation for ruby is 2.3.1. However, the latest Ruby version (according to is 2.5.0.
Is the Alpha Course and a/A bootcamp main course still using 2.3.1 ?

Thanks again,


Can’t speak for the main bootcamp course, but the Alpha Course uses Ruby 2.3.1. It shouldn’t make much of a difference. You could probably use 2.5.1 with no problems, but you might as well stick with 2.3.1 just to be sure since that’s what the Alpha Course was written for.

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