Importance of Git VSCode folder and file order vs. App Academy order

Just wonder if the file order has to be EXACTLY like the screen shots. Example…
Mine has .gitignore before site.html. a/A has no .gitignore in their view.



Also for the second file structure screenshot… My files aren’t split up exactly the same and of course .gitignore is still in the screenshot



It doesn’t have to be in the same exact order. a/A’s screenshot has no .gitignore because by default, .files are not listed in terminal unless you specify to show them. You can learn more about listing a directory with tree command here. VS Code arranges it’s file structure with folders then files in alphabetical order(symbols, numbers, then letters).

Don’t worry too much about the order. As long as you have the files in the correct folders, VS Code will take care of the rest. Hope this helps!


Thanks @Rafi! Couldn’t think of a reason why it would matter, but slightly unsure. Better to double check… And thanks for the extra information! Means a lot to have this extra resource.

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