"Img src=" Not underlined or hyperlinked and spaces in HTML between "head" and "body", "body" and "html" etc

Learning Challenge

Git assessment


I can’t seem to figure out why my HTML is not underlined in the right photo in the first three images (joseph-roulin.jpg, lands-end.jpg and stag-beetle.jpg).

How do I get them to be underlined/hyperlinked? That’s what the assessment shows in the left jpg, so I want to make sure I copy it exactly so I don’t fail again. Can anyone help?


And for the life of me, I cannot get rid of those spaces shown in the screenshot. No matter how many times I delete they come back. In the assessment images they are not there. Does that matter if I have the spaces or not?

VSCode typically does this when the files don’t exist. Although, it is not 100% reliable. I would double check your images/drawings directory and ensure that those files exist. Also check for a typo in a folder name. Or a typo in the file names.

There should be no penalty for those specific spaces. You most likely have some VSCode Extension that is auto-formatting your HTML for you.

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Now that you say that about the file not existing or typos, that totally makes sense. It couldn’t hyperlink it if it didn’t know where to point to, right? I did double and triple check though and the files are there and spelled correctly. Do you think I’ll fail if they are not hyperlinked?

As I mentioned, VSCode isn’t always accurate, but it is usually a good indicator.

If you close down VSCode and re-load it … do the hyperlinks appear?

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I just went back and messed around with it by just deleting the tags and then retyping it and it worked. I had go through and fix everything again, but I finally finished it all. Thank you again for all your help.

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