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Im Alex and im new to!

Hi, my name is Alex and im 26.
Im from the Silicon Valley and after working a dead end job delivering food and drinks to tech companies in SF; I’ve finally decided to move a step in learning to code. I decided to join app academy because they have a great platform, compared other websites, to learn how to code.

I enjoy outdoor activities like biking, hiking, and also traveling to new cities.
After spending a few years as a vendor for tech companies in SF, I’ve seen several companies in operation and it really looks like they enjoy what they do. Their way of living is also really rad.

Where I would like to end up is to work at the SalesForce Tower in SF, or work at a Fortune 500 company in the west coast as a FullStack or FrontEnd coder.

Edit: Corrected grammar.

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Welcome to the gang, Alex. Are you doing any of the in-person cohorts, or running solo through AAOnline?

Im running solo. I live an hour and forty-five min away from SF, so commuting isn’t in my near future lol.