I cant seem to download the RESPEC exercises?

Hi all,
Inside RESPEC Introduction, when I clicked the link for “After you’ve gone through this setup process, you’re ready to test some exercises! Let’s download today’s exercises and start running some tests.”

It gives me the error below. I ran sudo gem install bundle and bundle install


Hi Skyfish,

Thank you for reporting these links. Please ignore them, we will be updating the broken links as soon as we push our next set of changes to App Academy Online. Because this link is referring to the relative path of content in the old alpha curriculum the app tries to find a task of the same name. There is not one so we get this error. Our apologies for any frustration this caused.

The following task for the first RSPEC project gives you all you need to work on your first exercises with RSPEC. Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks!