HTML missed points

So I submitted my first assessment for the HTML and I missed a few questions that I am kind of confused about:" has a ‘button’ element which contains the exact text “Create new pet”

  • has one card
  • has a ‘form’ element that is as wide as the window when the window is narrower than 600px

I think I’m just about done with the card but I can’t get the text to match up with the picture and I’ve been playing with the display property but I can’t get it to raise any higher.

And as far as the button element I’m not sure what I did wrong since it states create new pet? Any information on where I went wrong would be appreciated. Thank you.

Button Element:

Card element:

I hope I explained my concerns well, I just want to make sure I’m editing my card correctly. I apologize in advance.

Hi, @zafirahb!

I took a peek at your submission and I think you may have just accidentally zipped up the wrong directory? Or perhaps forgotten to save your most recent changes?

In your submission I see a button, but the text shows “new pet”. There’s also no card in the HTML yet either.

I think if you double check your zip file you should pass with flying colors! :heart: :blue_heart: :green_heart: :yellow_heart: :purple_heart:

Oh my gosh, how embarrassing! Thank you so much I will try to re zip it!

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