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Hello! I turned in my HTML/CSS assessment, and the first time it said I only had two problems

  • has exactly one input with a name of ‘pet_name’ and an associated label with the content ‘Name’

  • has exactly one ‘select’ element with a name of ‘pet_type’ and an associated label with the content ‘Type’)

I thought I had fixed it because I had more than one input for pet_name and more than one select for pet_type, but now it’s saying that I am still missing those two and also (

  • has exactly five ‘options’ elements in the ‘select’ element)

I am not sure what I did, and I don’t know why it isn’t registering my options elements. The code runs well with the dropdown so I know the five options are working.
Anything would be appreciated!

Update, I have removed the “for=” aspect, I guess it was unnecessary and must have been the reason for the first two marks.

I think the issue with my options may have been that the “value=” was left without anything, but I might wait for verification because there might have been some other problem.

here is how it looks now.

Hi Ashly,

It looks like you are incorrectly associating the inputs with their labels in those sections. You will need to review the Building Forms in HTML lesson, specifically the section called “The label, input and textarea elements”.

For your dropdown, double check your syntax for the options and how you are setting the values. The same section of the lesson will help you fix this syntax.


Thank you so much! I will go and do that now!

I think I see, I was assigning my “for=” to the “name=” and not the “id=”, and I misunderstood and focused on the “exactly one” part and not the “associated label” part. I will find out soon if that is correct, will update either way. If that is what I did wrong though I will need to look through all of my code and reassign my “for=”. It shouldn’t take long, but I don’t know why all of them wouldn’t be emphasized so I am worried I am wrong about this again!
Thank you for responding so quickly!

Well, what I did was still not correct. I still have the three issues, and I can’t tell what is supposed to be wrong.

It should already have exactly one input and it has a name of pet name and its associated label is “Name”.

It should should have exactly one select element with a name of exactly “pet_name”.

and it should definitely have the exact five dropdown choices with their associated values.

But I know I must have made a mistake somewhere and I just can’t see it.

I referenced it to the original website I made with the HTML forms project, and it should have worked to the best of my knowledge.

I will continue combing through the reading material, and thank you for having these question forums.

Okay, so I might have figured it out.
what I needed was this

  • has an single-line text input with and id of “name”, a name of "pet_name" , and with an associated label that reads “Name”.
  • … has a drop-down with an id of “type”, a name of "pet_type" , an associated label that reads “Type”

and I had the “for=” matched to the names at first so they weren’t associating with what they were supposed to, and because I misunderstood the email (like an airhead)

  • has exactly one input with a name of ‘pet_name’ and an associated label with the content ‘Name’

  • has exactly one ‘select’ element with a name of ‘pet_type’ and an associated label with the content ‘Type’

  • has exactly five ‘options’ elements in the ‘select’ element
    Not even considering it might just be telling me to reference against the original prompt in those specific areas (like I should have done but didn’t like an airhead), I went and changed everything else including deleting the type and id all together thinking that I was only supposed to have the name. It was clearly still wrong and so I re-entered the id and type, but because I was so wrapped up in it, I didn’t think to check the source material. Because I missed that I put in my own id instead of the specific one, and I still don’t know for certain what they were talking about for the five options in the select element because I definitely have that.

*has a drop-down with an id of “type”, a name of "pet_type" , an associated label that reads “Type”, with only the options “Cat”, “Dog”, “Hamster”, “Other”, “Zebra”.

do I need it in that specific order? I only have one more try, so I will wait to see if I am on the right track.

Nice! I think you did a great job debugging these, comparing the original specifications with the errors from the failed tests and then going back to the lessons. Looks like you’re on the right track. Give it a final check, and then you should be ready to submit.

Okay! Thank you! If it doesn’t work I will message here, :sweat_smile: I really hope it does, I would like to attend courses! :joy:

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It worked! Thank you so much!

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Awesome news! No need to thank me - if you look back up at this thread, you’ll see that you did all that debugging yourself! I just pointed to back towards the lesson. Great job!