HTML/CSS - Is this a grid? Are my buttons full-width? My card looks different

I have a few issues with my HTML assessment:

Does this satisfy the “uses grid layout to layout labels and form elements when the screen is 600px or greater”?. I definitely use the grid element when the form is 600px or greater but I have no visual confirmation that it’s actually working… Am I doing it? Is it a problem than for max-width: 599px, I also use display:grid for the labels?

I think my buttons are 100% but the browser is rendering them slightly smaller than the other fields. Is this how it’s supposed to look? (Same with the drop-down menu).

I can’t get the avatar, title, secondary text, and bio lined up/spaced nicely. I’m not sure if I am having a padding/margin issue or my divs are out of order…The profile isn’t really centered within the card container. Does that matter? The avatar photo goes past the edge of the desert photo… I can’t get my text to wrap in the right spot…I’m stuck. I think this is the area I need the most help with

I really appreciate any/all feedback. I’m extremely new at this & I need to save as many fails as possible for Boolean Algebra <3

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How did you get your card centered on the page?