HTML/CSS help with failed assessment

Hello all, nice to virtually meet you!

So I recently submitted my HTML/CSS assessment and ended up getting 0/12. I’m a little perplexed
and worried about submitting it and failing it again because I don’t have any idea what went wrong the first time. I’m fairly sure I can’t be far off, but as i said I don’t know where it all went wrong to begin with.

Thank you so much in advance!

There was another post similar to this, could it be the way you zipped up your files?


Hey, @Samueln! Welcome to the community.

Looking at your assessment it looks like you mis-zipped your assessment. The only thing I see in your .zip file is a code.css file. Hope that helps!

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Thank you so much for your help, this was a super useful read!

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Hey Bryan,

Thank you so much for your response, this seems to be the issue, yes! I seem to be caught in a tad of a loop. I’m zipping the file at the appropriate location and following the instructions line by line, but when I extract it (to test it out and clarify that I don’t run into the problem of the original submission) the .css file is the only thing that initially opens and I have to dig a bit to find the actual HTML code. I’m sure i’m going wrong somewhere, I just cant find the source…

Do you have any suggestions? Thanks again for your help!

If you’re on a Mac. You should be able to go to your Terminal and cd into the directory where your index.html file is located. Once you’re there you should be able to type in:

zip -r .

That should zip up all the files that you need for submission. Be sure to double click the created file in your Finder application to double check that it contains the files you expect. :heart:

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Thanks again Bryan!

I just submitted it again and passed! Appreciate your help tremendously :slight_smile: