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Hey everybody, I submitted this assessment a little while ago before I had to go out of state for a few weeks to handle some family business - anyways, I thought I had done a decent job but was told I failed the assessment due to them not detecting a single form element. I’m not sure what to do in regards to that, as I’ve tried researching on my own as far as I can tell a single form element is just the form opening and closing tags with the information in between, which my project has.

I was hoping to avoid relying on others’ help, but at this point I’m at a total loss and really need to get this stuff done so I can move on and enroll in the nearest cohort as soon as possible.

What I’ve tried

Researching single form elements and reformatting


Thanks in advance! -T

edit: only letting m upload one photo with my post, will attempt to add the last 2 in comments.



Hi there,

Do you have the tags in your html? I only see screenshots of your CSS.

Hey there,

Yes, I do - as long as I didn’t mess up somewhere, I’m very confused.

Here’s the ending of the code with the closing tag.

Make sure you have your fieldset tags. You can find documentation on this here…

Also, I just want to point out- make sure you double check the capitalization requirements in the assessment guide. I failed the HTML/CSS assessment on my first submission because I didn’t capitalize one of the pet names. Please look over those carefully.

Final note, I believe you for= and id= names need to match exactly.

I hope this helps and good luck!

I’ll give that a try and check those details out, thank you so much!

Couple things …

In this screenshot you appear to have HTML inside your CSS file. That won’t work.

In this screenshot your HTML is outside of the <body> tag …

Notice this comment here …

Hope that helps!

Thank you so much! Now, just to clarify - when you mentioned me having html in my css, do you just mean the form tags? I added those in desperation the other day and forgot to remove them, so I’m assuming that’s what you mean but just want to make sure I’m not overlooking something.

And as far as the other comment goes, I put my html code inside the body tags now and saved it, but it didn’t seem to make a noticeable difference on the page - regardless, I really appreciate all of your feedback!

Correct. In the screenshot it looks like you have a <head>, <link> and <form> HTML elements in your CSS. All the red squiggly’s you see in your CSS file are probably from those.

Might need to post some updated screenshots of your HTML and CSS in order for us to spot any other issues. :+1:

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Wonderful, thank you! Is there a better way to post screenshots en masse? The forum is only letting me upload one screenie at a time, and it takes 2-3 screen caps per code section. I could always use imgur if need be but I was just curious if there was a better way to share what I’m working with.


Sadly, I do not believe so. :sob:

Apologies for the delay, took me a little longer to get my son dinner than i anticipated. Here is an imgur album with all of my screenshots!