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HTML/CSS: Clarification on objectives?

I believe that I am pretty close to having assignment complete, but I wanted to check a few objectives:

  1. Does the form element need to be 600px or the Fieldset element when the screen is 600 or greater? The assessment mentions the form, but I didn’t know which element that was specifically referencing.
  2. My font sizes are correct, but they do not line up like the other card. All other measurements are the same and the padding around the body text is 16px. I believe the kerning is off. Is that an Issue?

Hi Parker,
It looks like you’ve made some great progress on your own! To answer the questions:

  1. Form Width
    The test related to the form width specification specifically targets the width of the <form> element, regardless of any other HTML elements that you may have used to organize the form. So you will definitely need to address this requirement in relation to <form>, not the <fieldset>.

  2. Font Size and Spacing
    You should be OK as long as you are using the values in the specification. No need to worry about the spacing of the characters. For the picture card, the goal is to create something similar to the card in the screenshot, but a minor difference like you described is not going to effect your score.

Let us know if you have any other questions!

Thanks for the feedback!

It did make me wonder: When reviewing the assessment, are you using the code itself, or inspecting elements as they are applied in the browser?

I was finishing up the form for windows less than 600px and I wanted to confirm what “lays out the labels and form elements as full width when the screen is less than 600px wide” meant. I figured that it meant the form scaled in proportion to the window when it’s less than 600px, like this:

I was wondering because the buttons are centered, but they aren’t stretched. However, they are operating in a “full-width” css using “margin: auto;”.

Yes, this behavior looks great - this is exactly the behavior that the specification is referring to. No need to worry about the actual width of the buttons.