Html/Css Card questions

So I have been struggling to get my card to look like the one in the example. I think I have most of the requirements met and was hesitant to start adding borders or structure that wasn’t explicitly stated in the instructions.

I have the card div tag set to the 344px wide requirement but the desert image inside is set to the 194px tall requirement. There is a discrepancy in their widths by about 50px.
Is this to be expected or do I need to center the image in some way?
Also there is a requirement that says use your best judgment to make it look like the screenshot, does this suggest that I add the grey border and round the edges or is that not necessary?

I appreciate any feed back,


I have done some things to help with centering everything to the card and added the shadow. I also fixed the unnecessary padding I had on the avatar photo. Is there anything else I need to add to the card? I think I have met all the requirements.
Screen Shot 2020-07-22 at 10.34.21 AM

From what I can see … it looks good, @maximos! :clap:

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Thanks, I appreciate your feedback!