HTML/CSS Assessment title

Learning Challenge

To create a form with picture card.


For some reason when I try to do the header for the “Title goes here” I keep getting the <h1 in red without any errors. It’s not tooo major but its the last thing that I need in order to be done with this assessment.

What I’ve tried


Hi Akash,
It’s good that you are paying attention to these details! VSCode does a pretty nice job of highlighting minor syntax issues for us.

When I see an error like this, I typically start by looking at that line, or the code just above that line. In this case, the line with the <h1> tag looks fine, so I looked at the <div> just above it. It looks like you are just missing the closing bracket on the <div> tag, after the class attribute:


This should be a quick fix.


Thank you so much! I was able to see that the

tag was indeed missing a closing bracket and that solved it.

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