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HTML/CSS assessment submission issues

I submitted all the required specs for the HTML/CSS assessment, but I received an email stating I didn’t pass the assessment.

The generated email stated that I was missing two inputs, a text area, a select element with the name of ‘pet_type’ and an associated label with the content ‘Type’ and have exactly 5 “options” elements in the ‘select’ element. I have all of those required attributes and elements?

Here is a screenshot of my code and output rendered by the browser.

Hi, and welcome to the forum!

First off, these tests are incredibly picky, and will fail based on the smallest of details. In your case, it looks like a single detail may have caused more than one test to fail.

  • 2 inputs and textarea tests

    • To pass these tests, you literally need to have ONLY two <input> elements in your file, and exactly one <textarea> element.
    • In your file, I see a total of three <input> elements. This is because you used an input with type=textarea instead of using a textarea element.
  • Dropdown tests

    • Your code for the dropdown looks pretty good in general, but you will need to double check the specification to make sure you are using the correct values for the name, id and for attributes.
    • These values are what caused the remaining tests to fail, since the tests rely on the select element having a specific id attribute.

So all in all, your HTML code looks really good, and all 4 errors can be corrected by carefully matching the values to the values in assessment specification.

Best, Jesse