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Hey guys, I was wondering if the @media tags are absolutely necessary in the code to “pass”? I was able to achieve the same functionality by setting the maxwidth to 600px and width to 100%. Or is there one “correct” way to present the code?

Hi, and welcome to the community!

This is such a great question!

The beauty of code is that there are generally multiple ways to achieve the same output. In this case, there is no specific requirement on how you achieve the width functionality, the tests will just be checking to see if the output behaves as it should.

We see a lot of students pass the assessment using media queries, and we also see a lot of students solving this without media queries. Either way should be fine, as long as the width is behaving as you test it out in the browser.

Let us know if you run into any other questions!

Awesome than kyou! Also, how long does it take to grade a submission? When will i know if the code was okay

You usually get feedback very quickly. Let me know if you didn’t receive an email with results after submitting.

Hello, I have submitted both assessments and Still haven’t received the results.

Good morning,
You definitely should have heard back by now! I will look into your submissions and send you a direct message in a few hours with an update. In the meantime, make sure you check your spam/junk folders for the email address associated with your account.