HTML/CSS Assessment missed 1

Hi everyone, so I missed 1 but I am having hard time understanding what this mean. I do have one select

Here is what the email says.
The questions you missed were:

* has exactly one ‘select’ element with a name of ‘pet_type’ and an associated label with the content ‘Type’

and here is the screenshot of my work.

@jbyers is it possible I missed it because on line 20 the t has to be capital? So it should be Type?

Hi vivean,
You’re looking in the right place, but “type” looks fine. Double check the specification, and everything inside that select tag chunk of code, and you’ll figure it out.

Thank you, I figured it out after reading it again.

I have this one marked wrong and well and my code looks just like yours. What am I missing?

I corrected my code with writing pet_type instead of pet_name. Just to be safe I also corrected the word type for my label and wrote Type, notice the capital T.

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Such a bonehead for not seeing it. I used petName in another place.

I would recommend for you to read that part of the assignment again and you will see how it actually is very clear for what they are asking for. That is what I did and passed the second time. Good luck to you!