HTML/CSS Assessment less than 600px wide

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Does the requirement, lays out the labels and forms elements as full width when the screen is less than 600px wide mean I can use max-width: 599px in media screen? Because I am thinking about how we deal with the half-pixel? or it doesn’t matter for this case? let me know whether I can use max-width: 599px to limit the size. Thank you!

What I’ve tried

I tried to use max-width: 599px in the media screen and it seems can work when I change the size of the screen, but not sure whether it can also work when I change the screen’s size between 599px and 600px.


Hi Jia, and welcome to the community!

This is such a great question, I can tell you are really focused on the details, which is awesome.

In this case, your plan for the small screen media query sounds solid - no need to worry about that pixel between 599 and 600 pixels.


oh, that’s great! Thanks for your help! I will submit it later and see whether it will have any other problems later. Thank you very much!

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