HTML\CSS assessment image issue

I am having issues finding the desert and avatar images in my directory. I have searched c:\windows\web for said images and none are found. Only images of flowers and some beach backgrounds. Can anyone help me please?

I was able to google some images of a desert and a person to implement in my assignment. However, they are way too large. I have tried messing around with the CSS and nothing changes. I will upload my code as well

I somehow found the required images and when I ran the explorer.exe . test they came up. They are still not stylized correctly but I am on the right path. Here is my updated code and testing

Hi Tilly,
I wasn’t sure if you saw this response in the other thread, so posting it again here:

Hello, and welcome to the community!

The images you need are already in the project. If you open the images folder you will see desert.jpg and person-avatar.jpg`. They look a little different than the ones in the screenshots, but those are the images you should use for the assessment. No need to search for any new ones!

Let us know if you still have trouble finding them.