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HTML / CSS Assessment Help 07/05/21

I submitted my HTML / CSS portion of the technical challenges and this is the feedback that I received.
"The questions you missed were:

  • has a ‘button’ element which contains the exact text “Create new pet”

  • has a ‘form’ element that is 600px when the window is wider than 600px"

I see where I went wrong with this first error, I believe that issue is now solved. However, the second one I’m having quite a bit of trouble; I’ve dedicated hours and still yet to get it. Any help would be dearly appreciated!



When the window is 599px no styling is applied to it. I cannot see why. Please help.

I would try one or both of these suggestions:

  • apply a background to your form temporarily to see if it truly is the width you are expecting.
  • design the form for full width screens without media queries, and using media queries only when you reach a breakpoint (i.e <=599 px )