HTML/CSS Assessment form questions - Failed

Learning Challenge

Hello! I just submitted my HTML/CSS assessment and I spent tons of times on the the side I thought would be more difficult (CSS card), but ended up failing two seemingly simple things in the html form. I just uploaded the problem area of my code, but if you need to see the entire thing I will happily post it.


I believe I fixed the issue I had with the selector, but I can’t understand what is wrong with the name field which is .. has an single-line text input with and id of "name", a name of "pet_name", and with an associated label that reads "Name".

What I’ve tried

I believe I fixed the selector which I originally messed up the the id of. However I can’t seem to find the problem with the name id. Hopefully the more veteran eyes can help me :smile:



here is the assessment results!

Hi, @TroyD41! Welcome to the community! :wave:

First … you’re super close! And it looks like you actually have it solved already (according to your screenshot). Here is what I see in your assessment code that you submitted …

The duplicate labels with the same for attribute makes our computer grader angry! :angry:

That being said, in your screen shot it looks like you have already solved this. Perhaps you forgot to “Save” before submitting?

Hope that helps! Best of luck in your next attempt! :four_leaf_clover:

@bryanray Actually I made these edits after I failed haha, but I actually found another issue and for some reason it didn’t throw an error. Can you please help me understand why. I attached my amended code, but the original code I had a underscore instead of a hyphen in the label. Thank you for your answer to the previous question as well :slight_smile:


I believe we don’t have any strong requirements around the “Owner’s Email” field. Only the “Name” and “Type” fields. I’m not sure if that is the question you’re asking though?