HTML/CSS Assessment form questions - 0/12

I just submitted my html/css assessment and my score was … bad
Unfortunately you did not receive a passing score on your latest module, HTML/CSS Assessment. Your score was 0 / 12.

I have all of the elements required, double checked spelling and everything so I am not sure why it said I missed everything. I am attaching the first portion of my code

I opened up the zip file on my end and it shows all of the files and code. I even unzipped the file and opened it in vsCode to confirm and I do see all of the code from the zip file.

any help would be appreciated as I do not want to re-submit and have no code show up again.


Hi! I just opened up your submission, and it looks like you submitted the original assessment zip file (without your new code in index.html and site.css). Double check your folders to make sure you submitted the correct version, and double-check that all of your work is saved before re-submitting.

The good news is that you likely did much better than your score indicates…because the tests were run on the original (empty) assessment files, not your actual work.

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I just re checked and re-submitted.
Great job! You passed your latest module, HTML/CSS Assessment , with a score of 12 / 12 .

Thank you for the help.