HTML/CSS Assessment form issue

Hi. I keep getting a kickback saying my HTML/CSS assessment is wrong

" has exactly one ‘select’ element with a name of ‘pet_type’ and an associated label with the content ‘Type’"

No idea what I’m missing…

@dezadkins You have “Type” capitalized in the label but lowercase in the id. They need to exactly match (and exactly match what the assessment’s instructions asks for).

Thanks @bbartlett. However, I did have it lowercase in my original submission. Specifically for the label it is not specified upper or lowercase. Only for the content.

" * has a drop-down with an id of “type”, a name of "pet_type" , an associated label that reads “Type”, with only the options “Cat”, “Dog”, “Hamster”, “Other”, “Zebra”. "

@dezadkins Sorry I wasn’t more clear in my first post. The thing that needs to match up is the “for” attribute in the label and the “id” attribute in the select tag.

It would look something like

Keep the label itself uppercase (like you said), but change the casing of the “for” attribute.

Thanks again @bbartlett… I understood your message and did have it the way you are explaining in another submission and it still came back wrong.

Hhhmmmm… Well, I know for sure that the “for” and 'id" need to match exactly (I got that wrong on my first submission), but I am not sure what else could be amiss. If you want to post more of your code, I’d love to look it over just to see if I can spot something else that might be messing up that section. Otherwise, however, sorry I couldn’t help more and I wish you the best of luck figuring it out!